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The chances are high that you have visited multiple websites that offer web development, internet marketing, and graphic design services. At this point, you’ve already read various About us sections and you probably considered them quite boring. Well, our bio is nothing like it. We won’t make bunch of outrageous claims without proof to support them and then use them to justify the excessive amount of money that you should pay. Nope, what we offer to you is – reality!

A little bit about us

The company was founded back in 2011 after understanding that although there are numerous companies of this type on the market, none of them offer innovative approach towards web and graphic design. That’s why most websites you visit look almost the same. In fact, names of businesses are the only difference these sites have. In the modern world when online presence is crucial for overall success of the business, this is unacceptable.

EDesigner was established to address this lack of innovative attitude and offer something that other companies don’t – unique approach towards every project, regardless of big or small. That’s why websites we develop will never look the same and they all stand out among other sites online. Isn’t that what everybody wants? A fully functional website that rises above all others? It comes as no surprise that we have created websites for numerous big companies, government as well as for startups.
preferences. To us, customers are more important than profit and work on maintaining relationship based on trust with all our clients
- We know what you need – we know that every client wants their website to be useful, informative, unique, and to perfectly represent their company. We also understand that you don’t want the website to be “good” or “OK”, you want it to be “WOW”. We use this info as motivation to complete our projects impeccably in order to get that “WOW” reaction
- We are detailed-oriented – we pay attention to every detail, even the tiniest one. After all, website is like a puzzle and every piece has to be in its place in order to complete it
- We think there are no stupid questions – this is also the aspect that makes us stand out from other companies. They have zero patience to “walk you through” the process because they assume you already know that. Also, there are companies that don’t really like questions because they just want to start working on the project. Here at EDesigner, we believe there are no stupid questions and encourage our clients to ask everything they want. We are here for you.
- We have reasonable prices – one of the greatest disadvantages of web design companies nowadays is the fact that charge outrageous amount of money for their services even if they deliver mediocre results. We believe that behavior is ridiculous. That’s why, at EDesigner you will get professionalism, uniqueness, innovativeness, responsibility, understanding and trust for reasonable prices.

We guarantee you that no other company can design and submit your website in just ONE WEEK!


We’ll do our best to deliver valuable updates and lots of great resources without invading your mailbox.

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