This is the final stage which includes “finishing touches” before the website is released for public access. At this point, your website is complete, but there’s still more work to be done before it’s handed to you and your team. It requires:

- Polishing – going through entire website, its pages and links and identifying aspects that can (and should) be improved. We are perfectionists who refuse to submit flawed websites. Polishing is additional step we use to go through a website and fix everything that can be improved
- Transfer to live server – includes transferring to a live WEB server and “un-hiding” the website or removing the “under construction” page. Before the onset of this stage, client is informed
- Testing – running website through the final diagnostics using code validators, broken-link checkers, website health checks, spellchecker etc. This stage is yet another opportunity to look and identify mistakes, errors, or aspects that can be improved in order to complete the project successfully and deliver the perfect website to a client
- Cross-browser check – checking the website in multiple browsers.
- Delivery of the website to a client as well as providing useful tips and tricks for its management and increasing number of visitors.
- Providing documentation and source files – soft-copy site map, details on framework and languages used
- Project finalization – handing contact info so clients can contact us if need help or have more questions, finalizing contracts etc.


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